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Upcoming talks:   A seminar for speech pathologists is scheduled in Adelaide for February 5th 2013. More details will be published soon.



Please check this page regularly for upcoming talks and new topics. If you would like to be informed about scheduled talks, wish to book a talk on an available topic for your group or would like to negotiate a new topic which is of interest to your particular group, please send a message to:



[email address modified to disallow machine reading]


The organization of venues and publicity is the responsibility of the groups booking the talk. However, Bilingual Options will provide assistance by publishing relevant information on this website and in the Snippets for Bilingual Families if appropriate.


If you would like to receive information about upcoming talks and other issues related to raising children bilingually, you are invited to subscribe to Snippets for Bilingual Families.

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Topics available for booking:

Language development and language delay in bilingual children


Supporting the development of English in NESB secondary students.


Speech pathology assessment strategies for bilingual clients


Effects of bilingualism on cognitive development and success in school.


When should bilingual children be referred to a speech pathologist?


Cultivating bilingualism as a value added resource.


Bilingual children in the LOTE classroom.


Extent, form and reasons of cross-linguistic influences in the language development of bilingual pre-schoolers and ways of dealing with them.


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Bilingual children in family day care.


Practical suggestions for supporting bilingual children's language development in Family Day Care.



The parent-school interface: How can teachers advise parents and what can parents do to help their children's language development in the LOTE.



Stages of language development in young bilingual children.


Aspects of Bilingual Development: Implications for the assessment and treatment of children from non-English speaking background.


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Last updated: November 17th, 2013