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Individual consultation sessions


Individual sessions on raising children bilingually are available at my normal speech pathology rates of $115 per hour. Since I charge them as "speech pathology" families may be able to claim them through their private health cover. Home visits incur an additional $15 traveling contribution.

During the session, we will establish what your family's needs are and which strategies would best meet those needs. Usually part of the session is spent with me demonstrating strategies that enhance language development. This can be done with your children or as role play. If your home language is not German, we practice the strategies in English. That is then followed by you and me exploring how you can make the language enhancing strategies part of your daily life.

I will leave some written material with you, excerpted from the Australian Newsletter for Bilingual Families and the Snippets for Bilingual Families as it pertains to your family's situation.

With children present, sessions in your home are much preferable to you coming to me. I only have a small therapy room. For your children not being able to go and play in their own space makes it difficult for us adults to talk at my place. While home visits are convenient for you, they need to fit in with the days and times I am travelling to your area. Thus it may take some negotiation to make them happen. If you are interested in an individual session on making bilingualism work in your family, please contact me and we'll see what we can work out.


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last updated: December 28th, 2010