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Talks For Professionals
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Summaries of talks:

Language development and language delay in bilingual children

This talk will commence with an overview of the research knowledge regarding language delay/disorder and bilingualism. From that conclusions will be drawn for advising families who wish to raise their children with a 'language-other-than-English' in the home. Strategies for professionals working with the parents and children of such families will be discussed.

Supporting the development of English in NESB secondary students.

The acquisition of a second language in a new country is a complex task for the learner as well as the teachers. Susanne will explain non-language parameters and language parameters which affect the speed and success with which teenage learners make the transition to successful academic learning in a new culture and suggest strategies to facilitate this process during content classes. The talk is based on reviewed research in second language acquisition, bilingualism and immersion of various types as well  as issues in cross-cultural communication. Suggested strategies take into account learners' needs and contrastive language features which might impact on students' output in English.

Teachers and parents working together:
Suggestions for promoting the development of LOTE skills in LOTE- and English - background children

The purpose of this two-hour seminar is to help LOTE  teachers to capitalise on parents' willingness to support their  children's learning of a language other than English and to make parents' understand the role they play in helping the learning process. The talk will address the specific needs of NESB parents and their children, suggest ways in which teachers can advise parents on language maintenance, outline strategies for involving parents in follow-up work and for supporting the language goals of NESB families, and advise parents on how to make LOTE activities fun and rewarding for their children. There will be ample time for questions and discussion from the audience.

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Last updated: April 16th, 2010