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on raising and working with bilingual children


The following texts are currently available for downloading. For publication details of these texts, please consult the List of Publications

* Community Languages in Family Daycare

* Two Languages in Early Childhood

* Raising Children Bilingually. Some suggestions for parents.

* Is the Simultaneous Acquisition of Two Languages in Early Childhood Equal to Acquiring Each of the Two Languages Individually?

* The Weaker Language in Simultaneous Bilingualism: Why is It Not Like a Second Language?

* Can the Principle of 'One Person – One Language' Be Disregarded As Unrealistically Elitist?

* Generation of and retraction from cross-linguistically motivated structures in bilingual first language acquisition

* The development of verb morphology and verb placement of finite verbs in young bilingual German-English speaking children

* Barriers to the Assessment of CLD Children

*  Thoughts on servicing bilingual paediatric clients with severe language disorders

* Is bilingualism detrimental for children with autism?

* Understanding bilingualism and language disorder

* The right to maintain a first language 
by Dr Priscilla Clark (about LOTEs in playgroups)


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