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Booking information

In order to book a talk, please contact Bilingual Options
by email
[email address modified to disallow machine reading]
or phone (03) 9439 4148
or 0409 977 037.


After booking a talk, you will be sent a summary paragraph about the content of the talk and a short paragraph about the speaker in order to help you with your publicity. Unless you specify otherwise, booked talks will be announced on this website and in  Snippets for Bilingual Families.


Fees for talks

The booked time needs to make sufficient allowance for questions and comments from the audience. Thus a minimum of one hour will be divided into 30 minutes of presentation and 30 minutes of audience discussion. 2-hour bookings are preferable in most situations.

1-hour talks:    $300                            (30 minutes each for presentation
                                                            and discussion)

1.5-hour talks: $350                            (1 hour for presentation and
                                                            30 minutes for discussion)

2-hour talks:    $400                            (60 to 90 minutes presentation,
                                                            remaining time for discussion)

interstate talks:                                     minimum charge $500; additional
                                                            costs may be incurred for transport and                                                          accommodation if needed.

It may be advisable for organisers to charge participants a small fee to cover presentation costs.


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Last updated: December 28th, 2010