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Summaries of talks

Issues in raising bilingual children.

Susanne will provided information on how bilingualism influences a child's development and what parents and other carers can do to influence the child's development of the community language. This talk will be of interest to parents just starting out as well as those who are wondering if they are doing the right thing or who have to defend themselves against criticisms. It will also support professionals who are dealing with bilingual families.

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Cognitive development and academic achievement of bilingual children.

Susanne will address issues of cognitive development during the primary school years and give explanations for why bilingual  children  often fare extremely well academically. Advice will be offered to parents on how they can support their children's academic  development irrespective of the a match between home language and school language and how they can exploit homework in English for the development of the language the family speaks at home. Particular consideration will be given to strategies for children with developmental disorders.

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Practical suggestions for helping your child speak your language.

Susanne will offer practical strategies which ensure the development of the community language and prevent or solve difficulties. This will include supporting the child's first steps into language, as well as strategies, games and resources for the older preschool child. This session will be of interest to parents of toddlers and pre-school children as well as professionals advising parents.

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Starting the child off on the path of bilingualism.

Susanne will present ideas on how to create an environment which is conducive to learning the home language, how to ensure that the child speaks both language from the very first words, how to help the child to keep the languages apart and how to provide a rich and stimulating environment for learning the home language. This talk will be of interest to parents with very young children and professionals working with such families.

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How to support your child's LOTE development through the primary school years.

This talk addresses the specific issues of home language maintenance once the child starts school and has increasingly more contact with English outside the home.. Practical suggestions will be made for how to ensure that the child's abilities in the home language continue to grow commensurate with English, how to do homework and talk about school with the child without violating the language contract, and how to teach the child to read and write in the community language. This will include strategies, games and resources. Advice will be given on how to deal with scepticisms from teachers and other children. This talk will be of interest to parents whose children are close to school age or in primary school already and who are able to speak the community language. It will also enable professionals working with such children advise parents and support them in their language efforts.

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The role of books from birth through to high school.

This talk explores the importance of books for language development from birth to teenage years. Practical suggestions on how to choose books and strategies for reading them will be provided. This talk is of interest to parents and carers of children of all ages.

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Last updated: April 16th, 2010