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Speech and Language Pathology


Difficulties with following instructions.

Difficulties with following instructions can be due to a range of reasons:

*             the child may not understand the language used for the instruction;

*             the child may not be able to hear all of the instruction;

*             the child may not be able to remember what he or she has heard;

*             the child may not fully understand the implications of the instruction;

*             the child may not be able to connect what she has heard with the necessary physical activity.

*             Being bilingual DOES NOT CAUSE difficulties with following instructions. For more information on bilingualism and language disorder, click here.

Speech pathologists have designed measures to identify the particular difficulties which an individual has with understanding instructions. They can then implement a specific program which helps people to improve their skills in that area or give them means to compensate for their inabilities.

Speech pathology programs might involve practicing the skills, learning to categorise and conceptualise, utilising alternative routes, like visualization, in order to improve oral comprehension, or modifying the environment.

For special considerations of the treatment of bilingual children, click here.

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