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Speech and Language Pathology




Full treatment session: $115 (60 minutes)

Fractional treatment sessions are only available under special circumstances.

Travelling contribution for home visits: $15 per visit

Assessment: Assessments are charged at normal session rates of $115 per hour; the number of sessions needed for an assessment depends on the complexity of individual cases. 2 -3 hours/sessions are not uncommon.

Reports: Full assessment reports are charged separately at $130 per report. Short notes and referral summaries are usually supplied free of charge or at a much reduced rate for established clients.

FaHCSIA: Sessions charged through this scheme are billed through Listen & Learn and incur an overhead

Cancellations: free if 24 hour notice is given. Cancellations made after 7am  on the day of the appointment may be charged at the scheduled fee.


The speech pathology services of Bilingual Options are registered with major health funds. Additional health fund registrations can be obtained on client request.


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  last updated: December 15th, 2010