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Academic Publications


Refereed publications


(i) Books


Dopke, Susanne (1992) One Parent–One Language: An Interactional Approach. Amsterdam: Benjamins, pp xviii+231.

Dopke, Susanne (ed) (2000) Cross-linguistic Structures in Simultaneous Bilingualism. Amsterdam: Benjamins, pp. ix+258


(ii) Articles and chapters in books


Dopke, Susanne (2000a) Generation of and retraction from cross-linguistically motivated structures in bilingual first language acquisition. Bilingualism: Language and Cognition 3(3): 209–226.

Dopke, Susanne (2000b) The interplay between language-specific development and cross-linguistic influence. In S. Döpke (ed) Cross-Linguistic Structures in Simultaneous Bilingualism. Amsterdam: Benjamins (pp. 79–103).

Dopke, Susanne (1999) Cross-linguistic influences on the placement of negation and modal particles in simultaneous bilingualism. Language Sciences 21: 143–175.

Dopke, S. (1998a) Competing language structures: the acquisition of verb placement by bilingual German–English children. Journal of Child Language 25(3): 555–584.

Dopke, Susanne (1998b) Can the principle of 'one person – one language' be disregarded as unrealistically elitist? Australian Review of Applied Linguistics 21(1): 41–56.

Dopke, Susanne (1997a) Is the simultaneous acquisition of two languages in early childhood equal to acquiring each of the two languages individually? The Proceedings of the 28th Annual Child Language Research Forum: 95–112 (E. Clark, ed.).

Dopke, Susanne (1997b) The development of negation as an example of the path of functional differentiation in simultaneous bilingualism. In A. Sorace, C. Heycock and R. Shillcock (eds) Proceedings of GALA '97 Conference on Language Acquisition. Edinburgh: Human Communication Research Centre (pp. 509–515).

Dopke, Susanne (1992) Approaches to first language acquisition: evidence from simultaneous bilingualism. Australian Review in Applied Linguistics 15(2): 137–150.

Dopke, Susanne (1993) A bilingual child¹s struggle to comply with the Œone parent–one language¹ rule. Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development 14: 467–485.

Dopke, Susanne (1990) Are mothers really the main mediators of language? In M.A.K. Halliday, J. Gibbons and H. Nicholas (eds) Learning, Keeping and Using Language. Amsterdam: John Benjamins, pp. 101–115.

Dopke, Susanne (1986) Discourse structures in bilingual families. Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development 7: 439-507.

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(b) Invited publications


Dopke, Susanne (2005) Thoughts on servicing bilingual paediatric clients with severe communication impairment. AGOSCI in Focus 24: 22-24.

Dopke, Susanne (2001) On the complementarity between UG and other language acquisition models. [Commentary on N. Müller & A. Hulk " Crosslinguistic influences in bilingual language acquisition: Italian and French as recipient languages."] Bilingualism: Language and Cognition 4 (1): 28–30.

Dopke, Susanne (1998) Review of Elizabeth Lanza's book Language Mixing in Infant Bilingualism. The International Journal of Bilingualism 2: 106–109

Dopke, Susanne (1997) Review of Jean Lyon's book Becoming Bilingual. Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development 18: 334–336

Dopke, Susanne (1995) Review of Deborah Schiffrin's book Approaches to Discourse Analysis. Australian Journal of Linguistics 15: 103–105

Dopke, S., T.F. McNamara and T.J. Quinn (1991) Psycholinguistic aspects of bilingualism. In A. Liddicoat (ed) Bilingualism and Bilingual Education. Melbourne: National Languages Institute of Australia, pp. 21–81

Dopke, Susanne (1988) The role of parental teaching techniques in bilingual German-English families. International Journal of the Sociology of Language 72: 101–112

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