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Australian Newsletter for Bilingual Families

Content Overview 2005

Issue 2/1



Feature articles:           Series: (Re-) Introducing the LOTE later Part 1: Setting the scene

                           Facing Criticisms.

                                    When should a Speech Pathologist be consulted?

                                    "Einstein never used Flashcards" Interview with Roberta Golinkoff Part 2.

                                Setting meal time language goals.

Resource review:           References for parents on language acquisition and bilingualism

Q&A:                             I would like my child to learn Ukrainian, but my wife is at home with him during the day and she only speaks English.

                                      Many of the strategies you have suggested are excellent and I think you provide ample ideas and variations. The most effective strategy for us is when asking, for example for a drink, to make them repeat after me in Italian.  Also effective is reading books to learn new words. However, the bottom line is that my children do not see a need to reply in Italian.


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Last updated: December 23rd. 2006