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Australian Newsletter for Bilingual Families

Content Overview 2004

Issue 1/5


Feature articles:           Learning to read a character-based language.

                                    LOTE support during the pre-school years.

                                    "Einstein never used Flashcards" Interview with Roberta Golinkoff Part 1.

                                             German School in Melbourne.

                                    Useful early words to learn.

Resource review:           Preschool programs potentially useful for bilingual children.

Q&A:                             My 3 months old son seems surprised when I switch between English and German and it takes him a while before he smiles at me again. Does my switching confuse him?

                                      Our 8-year-old son speaks German with us at home. He cannot read or write German and he is struggling with both reading and spelling and school. I was wondering whether being bilingual  would have something to do with this difficulty.


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Last updated: December 23rd, 2006